What is a pink Himalayan salt bar and what can it do?These are carved from a single piece of Himalayan salt crystal. These powerful gems are useful in many ways and last a long time. Salt is naturally antibacterial as it’s a poor environment for bacteria to grow. This is perfect to use not only to clean yourself naturally with less chemicals or ingredients, but also to use as a natural deodorant. The body is made up with 102 minerals and Pink Himalayan salt contains a staggering 84 of those minerals! When used on the skin as a massage bar, soap bar, cold compress or deodorant, these minerals are transferred to the skin and absorbed by the body making full use of every bit of goodness it gives. Ways to use and directions:- For a Hot Stone/Bar Massage:Warm the salt bar in a microwave (30 seconds at a time) until warm and use to massage stressed and tired muscles. Enhance the salt massage by adding one drop of your favorite essential oil such as lavender, clary sage, cedar wood etc. - For natural deodorant:Wet hands and gently rub salt bar on the hands. Next, gently rub wet hands under arms. As salt is antibacterial, it is an effective way to kill bacteria. This won’t cover the natural smell your body produces as it doesn’t contain the nasty harsh chemicals in today’s commerical deodorants. Instead, it help combat bacteria underarms. To add a scent, add a drop of your preferred essential oil to hands and rub together to apply under arm. Most essential oils will add extra support in fighting against bacteria as they can be naturally antibacterial. - For soap cleansing use:Wet hands and gently rub the salt bar in hands and rub hands on face and skin to clean. Because salt is antibacterial and naturally just salt, it can effectively clean sensitive skin killing bacteria with the salt levels.- For sprains, bruises and abrasions:Freeze/refrigerate the salt bar and place on affected area. Use some cloth to wrap around the bar if it is too cold for the skin.- For stomach discomfort/cramps: Warm up salt bar and place on stomach with a few drops of digestion oil blend (a mix of essential oils)

Pink Himalayan Salt Bar